• Street Names of Cannabis


Common Cannabis Street Names and Cannabis Nicknames with Definitions. To help you stay more in the loop, we present the following list of street names for marijuana and marijuana-related activities.

Gage / gauge cannabis
Gange cannabis
Gangster cannabis
Ganja marijuana from Jamaica
Gash marijuana
Gasper marijuana cigarette
Gasper stick marijuana cigarette
Gauge butt cannabis
Geek crack and marijuana
Get a gage up to smoke marijuana
Get high to smoke marijuana
Get the wind to smoke marijuana
Ghana cannabis
Giggle smoke cannabis
Gimmie crack and marijuana
Go loco to smoke marijuana
Gold marijuana; crack
Gold star cannabis
Golden leaf very high quality marijuana
Gong marijuana; opium
Good butt marijuana cigarette
Good giggles marijuana cigarette
Goof butt marijuana cigarette
Grass cannabis
Grass brownies cannabis
Grata cannabis
Green inferior quality marijuana; PCP; ketamine
Green goddess cannabis
Greeter cannabis
Greta cannabis
Griefo cannabis
Griff cannabis
Griffa cannabis
Griffo cannabis
Gungun cannabis
Gunney cannabis
Gunney sack marijuana (from sacks made with hemp fiber)
Gyve marijuana cigarette
Hanhich cannabis
Happy cigarette marijuana cigarette
Has cannabis
Hawaiian very high potency marijuana
Hay cannabis
Hay butt marijuana cigarette
Hemp cannabis
Herb cannabis
Herb and Al marijuana and alcohol
Herba cannabis
Hit crack; marijuana cigarette; to smoke marijuana
Hit the hay to smoke marijuana
Hocus opium; marijuana
Homegrown cannabis
Honey blunts Marijuana cigars sealed with honey
Hooch cannabis
Hooter cannabis
Hot stick marijuana cigarette
Hookah Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking
Hubbly bubbly hookah; a Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking
Indian boy cannabis
Indian hay marijuana from India
Indo marijuana, term from Northern CA
Indonesian bud cannabis
J / Jay marijuana cigarette
Jane cannabis
Jay smoke cannabis
Jim Jones marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP
Jive heroin; marijuana; drugs
Jive stick cannabis
Joint marijuana cigarette
Joy smoke cannabis
Joy stick marijuana cigarette
Ju-ju marijuana cigarette
Juan Valdez cannabis
Juanita cannabis
Juice joint marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Kali cannabis
Kaya cannabis
Kentucky blue cannabis
KGB (killer green bud) cannabis
Kick stick marijuana cigarette
Kiff cannabis
Killer cannabis
 Killer weed (1980s) marijuana and PCP
Killer weed (1960s) marijuana
Kilter cannabis
Kind cannabis
Kumba cannabis