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Common Marijuana Nicknames and Marijuana Street Name Lingo with Definitions. To help you stay more in the loop, we present the following list of nick names for marijuana and marijuana-related activities.

Cam trip high potency marijuana
Cambodian red marijuana from Cambodia
Can marijuana; 1 ounce
Canadian black marijuana
Canamo marijuana
Canappa marijuana
Cancelled stick marijuana cigarette
Cannabis tea marijuana
Carmabis marijuana
Cartucho package of marijuana cigarettes
Catnip marijuana cigarette
Cavite all star marijuana
Charas marijuana from India
Charge marijuana
Chase to smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Cheeba marijuana
Cheeo marijuana
Cheroot smoking cigar-shaped object (tobacco or marijuana mix)
Chillums marijuana
Chips tobacco or marijuana cigarettes laced with PCP
Chiba chiba high potency marijuana from Columbia
Chicago black marijuana, term from Chicago
Chicago green marijuana, term from Chicago
Chira marijuana
Christmas tree marijuana; depressant; amphetamine
Chronic marijuana; marijuana mixed with crack
Churus marijuana
Citrol high potency marijuana, from Nepal
Climb marijuana cigarette
Cochornis marijuana
Cocktail partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Cocoa puff to smoke cocaine and marijuana
Colas marijuana flowing tops
Coli marijuana
Coliflor tostao marijuana
Colorado cocktail marijuana
Columbian marijuana
Columbus black marijuana
Cosa marijuana
Crack back Crack back
Crazy weed marijuana
Cripple marijuana cigarette
Crying weed marijuana
Cubes marijuana tablets
Culican high potency marijuana from Mexico
Dagga marijuana
Dawamesk marijuana
Dew marijuana
Diambista marijuana
Dimba marijuana from West Africa
Ding marijuana
Dinkie dow marijuana
Dirt grass inferior quality marijuana
Ditch marijuana
Ditch weed marijuana inferior quality, Mexican
Djamba marijuana
Do a joint to smoke marijuana
Domestic locally grown marijuana
Don jem marijuana
Dona Juana marijuana
Dona Juanita marijuana
Doobie/dubbe/duby marijuana
Dope heroin; marijuana; any other drug
Dope smoke to smoke marijuana
Doradilla marijuana
Draf weed marijuana
Drag weed marijuana
Dry high marijuana
Durog marijuana
Dust marijuana mixed with various chemicals
Dusting adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana
Earth marijuana cigarette
El diablito marijuana, cocaine, heroin and PCP
El diablo marijuana, cocaine and heroin
Endo marijuana
Esra marijuana
Fallbrook redhair marijuana, term from Fallbrook, CA
Fatty marijuana cigarette
Feed bag container for marijuana
Fiend someone who smokes marijuana alone
Fine stuff marijuana
Finger marijuana cigarette
Fir marijuana
Fire it up to smoke marijuana
Flower marijuana
Flower tops marijuana
Fly Mexican airlines to smoke marijuana
Fraho / frajo marijuana
Frios marijuana laced with PCP
Fry daddy crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack
Fu marijuana
Fuel marijuana mixed with insecticides; PCP
Fuma D'Angola marijuana Portugese term